We have expertise in:

  1. Effective corporate computer training
  2. Small business software support
  3. Streetproofing business staff against cybercrime

in the Greater Toronto and Niagara area.

Excel - the "Swiss Army Officers' Knife" is our most popular training product.

To be considered effective in most business or technical environments, strong Excel skills are desirable.

Our experience in corporate training is "baked into" our courseware with relevant "recipes" ready to use in your workplace.

In addition to training, we consult with businesses to fight cybercrime.
Staff awareness and "streetproofing" sessions help you create a culture of awareness.
Staff awareness is a solid first line of defence.

Our training philosophy is that hands-on classes is the most cost effective approach to learning and retention.

Whether in

  1. a hands-on group training session
  2. private instruction
  3. remote learning format
- Guided training increases productivity and empowers staff.

Our valued corporate training clients include:

We also provide software support to clients on-site or remotely to troubleshoot and resolve computer issues.

Contact details:

By telephone:

By email:

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This page updated February 2022